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At Pinturas y Lacados Toni Planas we offer a quality painting and spray-painting service in Mallorca, building relationships with our clients that are based on trust; whether with individuals or businesses. We have more than 25 years of experience offering painting services, with a qualified team and a personalized, professional service. We work all over Mallorca, advising clients on the latest tendencies in decoration and collaborating with large promoters, hotel chains or banking establishments. We have our own fleet of vehicles, a large spray booth, cranes (for work of up to 15 metres) and equipment to carry out other vertical work or work at height. In 2019 we have obtained the CAEB badge ‘Committed companies. Companies with values’

Toni Planas - Equipo oficina pintor
Toni Planas - equipo pintor mallorca
Toni Planas - Equipo lacado mallorca
Toni Planas - empapelar paredes decorativas



All our staff possess the TPC (professional construction) card as well as the required accident prevention training and equipment. We are also registered with the APYBA (Balearic Painters’ Association) that certifies that we meet all requirements for ability, quality and safety. Our company processes all waste through ADALMO (waste disposal company), so as to reduce the environmental impact of our activity, we recommend silicate paint that has low ecological impact.



We have installations that cover some 260m2, all to help us serve our customers.

Sanding workshop: we have a 43 meter area for filling and sanding jobs.

Spray booth: we have a 48m2 booth for our staining and spraying jobs, with two motors for gas extraction.

Loading bay: we have a 75 meter area that our vehicles can access to load, unload and park.

Drying area: 48 metres for drying the doors, shutters and furniture before they are delivered.



We have at our disposal specialised machinery for spraying water based products as well as protectors and thick varnishes, plastic paint with very fine silky finishes, water or dissolvent based tints and impregnating agents, all with great precision regulators, as well as equipment to compact used metallic paint pots and recycle dirty dissolvent using a coil that separates the dirty from the clean.

WAGNER: prepared to spray plastic paints with very fine, silky finishes.

PRESS: to compact used metallic paint pots.

DISSOLVENTS: recycles dirty dissolvent through a coil that separates the clean from the dirty.

KARCHER: controlled pressure washer to clean surfaces; it can mix sand with water to strip rusted metal.

SANDER WITH VACUUM: sands all types of surfaces eliminating all suspended dust with a vacuum.



These are some of the partnerships we have with other companies and professionals

Glamora Vinyl wallpaper

We are official installers of Glamora, an italian firm that designs and features revolutionary coatings for interior vinyl. The creative value and versabilidad designs Glamora make the ideal to give life to new visual identities for offices and shops, or simply add poetry to the interiors of any particular housing solution.

Glamora Vinyl wallpaper


We are part of Empenta – Business Network, which brings together entrepreneurs and professionals from Mallorca, with a special focus on the Raiguer, Pla and northern part of the island. The common interest is the growth or consolidation of our companies through the exchange of contacts and business opportunities.


Ziving Inca

We collaborate with Ziving Inca and offer to all its clients a discount of 10% on our budgets. In addition, our clients automatically have a 5% discount on the services offered by the dental center.

Ziving Inca

DecoEvents by Fina

Among the projects managed by DecoEvents, particular events -fellowships, communions, baptisms, baby shower- and corporate events -product presentations, brunchs, coffee-breaks – stand out. In them, the company is in charge of finding the best suppliers for the event such as estates, locations, catering, flowers, invitations, music, transportation, etc. Fine creates, prepares and tracks every detail!

Ziving Inca

Aina Interiors

With Aina Rodríguez we work together on interior design projects, interior architecture, renovations, decoration, housing, offices and shops.

Aina Rodriguez Aina Interiors

Caeb Empreses Compromeses

We are part of the CAEB Network of Committed Companies, Companies with Values that works to promote companies and organizations that believe in people and that work for an increasingly better and fairer world.

Caeb Empresas Comprometidas



Safety Kleen



Last year a total of almost five tons (4.977 kilos) were recycled by our company. We manage all our waste through the specialized company SafetyKleen. We comply with the highest possible level required by the Waste Framework Directive, contributing to recycling and the environment.

Metal cans

1.370 Kilos recycled in 2017

Botes metálicos

Plastic cans

778 Kilos recycled in 2017

Botes plásticos


1.234 Kilos recycled in 2017



144 Kilos recycled in 2017



40 Kilos recycled in 2017

pinceles y brochas

Other waste

1.411 Kilos recycled in 2017

restos plásticos