How to lacquer the doors of my home

lacar puertas lacador puertas en mallorca

In recent years one of the most common jobs we carry out for our clients is the lacquered of doors and frames.

The change of colour of doors in private homes is usually done in white . Although this color is very fashionable and involves a significant visual change, it is interesting to assess other color alternatives. There are very interesting and modern options that sometimes the client is unaware of and worth considering.

Our process begins with arriving at the house and dismantling said doors, both in step and in closets. For us it is essential to carry out a thorough process of capping of holes and start sanding the frames . For an effective and lasting color change, we apply 2 coats of hands and one finishing coat to all our frames at our clients’ homes, applying a total of 3 coats.

On the other hand, in our workshop we carry out the lacquering work of the doors themselves. The lacquered doors in the cabin always ensure a completely professional finish and without imperfections.

Our specialization has led us to be able to carry out the work disassembly of doors, protection of frames and lacquering in a typical family house (counting on the entrance door, 7 or 8 doors of passage and 2 or 3 closets) in a period of about 4 days; thus, we get the customer to enjoy the doors lacquered with the new color , assembled and ready in a maximum of 8 days in total .

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